SFA Group

Since its inception, SFA's continuous drive to innovate and look to the future, has allowed it to become a market leader and major player in the sanitary world. Find out more about the SFA group and Sanirish, from the invention of the first macerator 60 years ago right up to the innovation happening today.

History of SFA


After starting out by designing equipment for wastewater treatment plants, SFA revolutionises the sanitary fixtures market by creating the toilet macerator. This product, the SFA Sanibroyeur, makes it possible to install toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms anywhere in the house without major building work.



With great success in France, SFA expands its sales throughout Europe and North America. At the same time, SFA differentiates itself from other players in the industrial sector by conducting its first television communication campaigns.



SFA becomes one of the pioneering industrial groups in France to engage in a quality certification process. Its production facilities are among the first ISO-certified factories. The SFA Group diversifies its activities while remaining focused on the sanitary fixtures sector.



SFA's culture of innovation leads to a growing diversification of products. Thus, the SANICUBIC® line of lifting stations is launched and the Research and Development teams improve the SANIBROYEUR range for superior efficiency. SFA becomes a household name among professionals and individual consumers alike, reaching its 50th year in 2008.



The SFA Group celebrates 60 years of innovation and continues to improve its existing products with the introduction of the ‘UP’ range, winning a Gold Innovation Award at Ideobain Exhibition in 2017. Still tuned in to the trends of the bathroom world, the SANIFLOOR products for walk-in showers sees its first model marketed in 2015, and then the range further expanded in 2018.

The Group's Values


60 years after the first Sanibroyeur patent was registered, research and development is still at the heart of SFA’s strategy. Every year a significant part of the profits are reinvested to insure the durability and growth of the group. Our increasing number of registered patents proves it! SFA Group is now a renowned specialist in the sanitary field with innovative and original solutions answering its client’s technical, installation and well-being needs. The group will continue to look towards the future and reinvents itself continuously to meet the demands of today’s Worldwide marketplace.


Industry requirements

Because every step of production is controlled, SFA provides quality and reliability in all of it’s products.

Factory certifications: the factories are certified as conforming to ISO9001, 9000 and 14001 norms. SFA has a clear commitment to product quality.

Product certifications: the quality standards of SFA are well respected by both international and independent laboratories. SFA Group respects all standards required by the certifications practicable in every selling country:

  • CE marking for European market
  • CSA standards for North American market
  • PCT standards for Russian market


Customer service

SFA Group focuses on its customers, should they be professionals or homeowners, national or international. We continuously develop to bring them:

  • A large and qualified network of advisors and sellers
  • A competent after-sales service
  • Mutli-services websites and marketing tools

SFA and You

For over 60 years SFA has enabled thousands of households every year to make their home improvement projects a reality, at every stage of life. As every project needs to last, one of SFA’s core values is our made-in-France, high quality standard. Because SFA is attuned to its customers’ needs, new products are released every year to expand our product range for even greater satisfaction for all.


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